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one of the nicest people who ever walked the earth. oxoxoxo

My sincerest condolences to one of my surgical mentors. I have for the last 30+ years often still think of some of his teachings. Jerrold H. Steiner, MD Cedars-Sinai Breast Center

I remember Bud as a very very nice guy.. We were in several productions at the University Synagogue together.. we had some great laughs together.. I was very sad to hear that he had passed away today, and equally sad to hear of Sue's passing also.. i've lived out of the area the last twenty years but when i saw his picture and story i knew it was Bud!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ozeran family. We are truly blessed to have known Bud and Sue and had them in our lives. Love, Geoff, Michele, Rosie and Julie Miller

I was introduced to Dr. Ozeran by Pat Greene, owner of Greene's Ready Mix in Torrance,CA,in 1987. Pat Greene was a Director of Bay Cities National Bank and I was Executive Vice President/Chief Credit Officer. Doctor Bud Ozeran quickly became a good customer of the bank and Pat Greene especially. A long lasting friendship evolved over the years and the bank employees, officers, and Board of Directors came to love and appreciate his every visit. Bud was one exceptional physician, client, friend, and someone who you always looked up to for advice both medically and personally. Bud was a one of kind, and God through the mold away after creating him. God bless his soul and spirit throughout eternity. I was so fortunate to have had his friendship in my lifetime.

Dear Larry, Steven, Danny and Vicky; It is with utmost sadness that I read of the passing of Bud. He was a friend, mentor and advisor to me. I have known him since the early 80s when you guys were just starting to drive. What started out as a business relationship grew to a friendship and I often think fondly of the time we spent together on social occasions. He and Sue were gracious hosts not just to me and my immediate family but also to my mother and aunt (the aunt visiting from Hungary). I still use some of his cooking methods such as shaving the asparagus stalks so it will be more tender. He was generous with his time advising me about medical issues, and on one occasion after he retired he performed a minor surgery on my wife's finger in your house's kitchen to remove a stubborn sliver of wood. He saved us a trip to the dreaded emergency room, and other than a nice dinner (I had to push him for that) would not take anything for his time and skill. We did have a nice dinner at table One at the restaurant in the Hotel Bel Air. The last time I saw him must have been about 10 years ago when I was invited to join you all at Valentino's. Must have been his 75th birthday. It is sad that one more link in the spider web of life time relationship has snapped but I will treasure those memories and others he was responsible for just because we met. I wish you all the best as you celebrate hid life and his accomplishments. Peter Sardi

both Bud and Sue were great friends. Yes, you could not leave the house without sharing some of Bud's wine. Never saw Bud or Sue angry. I think of them and their famly constantly Sheila Greenberg

Just back from DC and Israel to see the obit abt wonderful Bud. SO sorry. Our condolences to all. Will there b a memorial? Can you let me know, pls? dodi fromson
The celebration of his life will be in Manhattan Beach on 30 July from 2-5PM. We are sharing location details in private email to those who submit here or inform us directly that they would like to join us.

So sorry, I just found out about Bud's passing! He and Sue were like second parents to me, but more than that, they were my guardian angels. When I needed surgery, Bud offered to do the procedure for free, and even convinced the hospital and anesthesiologist to donate their services as well -- then he and Sue let me stay in their home while I recovered. We had amazing times together at Santa Monica College Theatre as well as special cast bonding parties! Thanks for the memories, Bud! Your other son, Elias

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